About Your Show Hosts

Jules, Pet & Dee on a trip to Venice for the Jesolo Half Marathon (2018)


We didn't actually set out to start The Start Line Podcast!  It was a trip to Stylist Magazine Live that set us on the path to podcasting.  In 2018, Petrina insisted we do a "Sisters Day" at Stylist Live.  One of the sessions was on podcasting, and we sat in on a great panel of female podcasters who were doing their thing. We suddenly looked at each other and thought "why not"?  Two of us (Dee and Jules) were already sharing content about our passions - running, food and travel - on our Instagram page @we_run_we_eat, and we knew that we were motivating people to become more active through running, and helping people to discover new places to eat by sharing our favourite restaurants.  But we didn't want to do just a running podcast, or a food podcast. We also wanted to share our voices from our perspective on life as black women, as black people and create a platform to share our stories ourselves - as there aren't many spaces where our voices can be heard.


A bit more about us:

Dee is a lawyer, CEO of a charity (Reach Out 2 Kids), co-founder of running crew (@emancipatedruncrew), traveller and total music lover (who loves a bit of Port!).

Jules is a lawyer, baker (@thefancybakercakes), t-shirt brand creator (One Good Thing Tees), co-founder of Emancipated Run Crew, traveller, food lover and music nerd (who loves a bit of Portuguese Red!).

Petrina is an aspiring beauty expert (@petrinabeautytips), social media queen and active member of Emancipated Run Crew, who loves to travel (and a bit of gin!).