March 31, 2023

And Still She Rises: Women On Community, Safe Spaces and Mental Health

And Still She Rises: Women On Community, Safe Spaces and Mental Health

The Start Line Girls (Jules and Dee) were honoured to be asked to host the Emancipated Run Crew Women’s Discussion Panel Event in celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March! We recorded live from the event and to end March we are dropping it now so all those who missed out will get the opportunity to hear this amazing session (please forgive the background noises!)

The event, for black and brown women, was curated by co-founder of Emancipated Run Crew and our running brother Trojan Gordon as part of a series of ERC panel discussions . It was held in the beautiful FS8 gym, and started with a great fit session for the ladies, followed by the panel discussion on community, safe spaces and mental health, centring on the lived experiences of black and brown women.

Taz, Kelly and Mercy were amazing panellist, shared their stories so openly and vulnerably, but from a position of confidence and strength! The audience were engaging and as we ran out of time were keen to hear more. Watch this space for part 2!!! Thank you to all who attended!

🏃🏽‍♀️@challengetaz Taz Tudor - Emancipated Run Crew
🏋🏾 @mercybrown Mercy Brown  - Weightlifter - European silver medalist
🏊🏾‍♀️@kellysmith.onthego Kelly Smith - Triathlete creator of Black Try a Tri Triathlon

CURATOR: Trojan Gordon

SUPPORTED BY: Lululemon Europe, Regent Street and FS8, Oxford Circus

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