March 13, 2021

Ep 23 - TSL In The Round For International Women's Day: Being A Mistress of Her Own Destiny

Ep 23 - TSL In The Round For International Women's Day: Being A Mistress of Her Own Destiny

8 March 2021 is International Women’s Day and in celebration of this day we bring together for conversation some of our incredible sister-friends, who have each chosen to create their own paths in life, shaking things up and intelligently breaking down the perceptions society may have of them as black women. They are creating their own destinies whilst smashing expectations. They show the world what it is like to succeed and thrive despite where you start out. 

We discuss what it is to be a black woman in 2021, black female empowerment, creating our own destinies, juggling the gifts of marriage, motherhood, work or embracing and cherishing being single, independent and free. We discuss the significant part black women play in dismantling racism and social inequalities. Finally we reflect on what gifts we can impart on the princesses and Queens coming up behind us. 

We give thanks to each Queen who blessed us with their presence, their light, their sisterhood and their fierceness:

Afua Basoah (@abasoah)
Donna McConnell (@fitfetishblog)
Jennifer White (@airyfairyjenz)
Kristen Hinds
Lesley McKenley (@lesleymckenley)
Matilda Egere-Cooper (@matildaegerecooper)
Marsha Jackson (@marshajackson1000)
Taponeswa Mavunga (@taponeswa)


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