Feb. 19, 2021

Ep 22 - World Cancer Day: Steph’s Story

Ep 22 - World Cancer Day: Steph’s Story

On 4th February 2021, we ‘celebrated’ World Cancer Day. Cancer had never been a feature in our family, up until 2019, when it erupted into our lives with our Auntie Bev being diagnosed with lung cancer and our Dad with prostate cancer. Auntie B passed away in May 2019, five months after her diagnosis. Our darling cousin Stephanie, Auntie Bev’s daughter, is now cruelly travelling through her own cancer journey, having been diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2020, almost a year to the day of Auntie’s initial diagnosis. 

We hear directly from Steph - Stephanie Allsop - an incredible wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and cousin. She is a business woman and someone who still lives life despite the fact that she’s battling stage 4 cancer. She is a strong, resilient woman, who has been through so much in her 37 years. Steph is a fighter and now she is literally fighting for her life - fighting for her husband and children. Stephanie is using her story to give hope and support to others. We really hope that hearing her words will offer some  comfort to many, some in the midst of their own fight against cancer, others struggling through so many difficult things at this time. We hope that through listening, you will find that One Good Thing that you need to hold on to.

You can follow Steph’s story by following her Instagram page - @screenshot_to_health_

Or find Steph’s group on Facebook - Screen.Shott

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