Oct. 1, 2022

Bonus - BHM Special: Making History - with Midstrike Magazine's Jesse Spellman

Bonus - BHM Special: Making History - with Midstrike Magazine's Jesse Spellman

October marks Black History Month in the UK, and to celebrate this The Start Line Girls are taking a look at people who are making history in the Black Community.  In this special episode we speak to Jesse (Specs) Spellman, creator of online running publication Mid Strike Magazine, an avid runner since 2016 and proud member of Black Men Run NYC.  Jesse's goal was to create a diverse magazine which showed our run culture and journeys. As a runner Jesse always struggled to find stories of runners that look or sounded like him and other runners in the black community, both in the US and worldwide, so he decided to launch Midstrike Magazine, a publication which celebrates the beauty of blackness and champions our stories, recognising amazing people, giving the spotlight to those who are often not celebrated.  As Jesse takes on the London Marathon on 2nd October 2022, we celebrate him and the team at Midstrike for the wonderful job they do in celebrating us!

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