Dec. 6, 2019

Ep 10 - Who Do I Run To?

Ep 10 - Who Do I Run To?

Episode 10 - Who Do I Run To?

“Who can I run to

To share this empty space?

Who can I run to

When I need love?”

The Jones Girls

The Start Line Girls Are back with another episode! This time we’re taking you on a journey filled with their love of music, as we explore what we listen to when we run, sharing our varied musical tastes, reminiscing about music players of the past (did someone say Sony Walkman personal cassette player with auto-reverse?!), favourite playlists and our new love of running to podcasts! 

We also report back on our polls where we asked you what you run to.... And whether you can run to slow jams..... Some of the answers may surprise you!

Special thanks to @blackgirlsdorunuk, @mim612, @thisistrojan, @gladlife1, @iamjackiornwilliams and @runlikekunte for sharing what you run to!

Our Running Selection
4,3,2,1 - LL Cool J
Super Thug - N.O.R.E.
Horse & Carriage - Cam'ron and Mase 
Step Into My World - KRS One
Do It To Death - Busta Rhymes 
The Helicopter Tune - Deep Blue
The Lighter - Sound of The Future
Style - M Beat
Maximum Style (Lover to Lover) - Tom & Jerry
Sweet Love - Nazlyn
Hyph Mngo - Joy Orbison
Soul Fever - Simbad
Runaround - Peven Everette
Superman - Black Coffee
Jukebox - Muzart
Missy Elliott - Get Your Freak On
Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
How I Got Over - Aretha Franklin 
Controlla - Drake
I Don’t Know - Slum Village
Jealousy - Slum Village
Tell Me - Slum Village

Our Podcast Selection
Westworld (Shat On Entertainment)
Doctor Death
Dirty John
Love Island: The Morning After
The Archers
American Crime Junkie
An American Scandal
The Mysterious Mr Epstein
Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History 
The Music Snobs
Snobs On Film
Dope Black Dads
Have You Heard George’s Podcast

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Theme music: Street Festival by Franco Eneiro. Used under licence.

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