Feb. 26, 2020

Ep 12 - We Run: TSL Meets... ERC!

Ep 12 - We Run: TSL Meets... ERC!

For the first proper episode of 2020, The Start Line Girls kick off a series of episodes featuring diverse running crews who are seeking to challenge the stereotypical image of a runner, running groups, which are growing massively despite the standard portrayal of running as being a pursuit typically enjoyed by a certain demographic (namely young, white and achingly middle class).

Painful as it is to admit, outside the elite, professional running arena, people of colour are tend to be ignored by mainstream running media, which has resulted in an incorrect assumption that people of colour don't run, or don't have an interest in running.

The groups we are going to feature throughout this series work hard to celebrate the diverse tapestry of runners, who are carving out their own space in the running community, groups that strive to shine a light and showcase the importance of being a visible presence and the positive impact this has on other people of colour starting their running journeys.

We start with our very own running family Emancipated Run Crew, where we discuss the impact that the group has had on its members, the purpose of the group and the importance of having groups set up by people of colour, for people of colour. As we take part in races such as the Vitality Official Big Half, the Adidas City Run Series and Great Manchester half  marathon, we’re looking forward to seeing as many diverse runners as possible in these spaces and for them to be featured in mainstream running media, because despite the usual narrative, We Run!!!

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