March 29, 2020

Ep 13 - We Run: TSL Meets... Black Girls Do Run UK

Ep 13 - We Run: TSL Meets... Black Girls Do Run UK

“An online community to encourage and inspire female runners of colour”

In the month which hosted International Women’s Day we are pleased to bring you an all girl feature and introduce you to another diverse running crew! Black Girls Do Run UK meets TSL!

TSL speaks to Tash, Linda and Sasha, co-founders of the Black Girls DO Run UK, about their virtual and physical running crew. We explore their reasons for setting up the group, their vision for the future and what they want to achieve individually and collectively. We discuss why they feel it is important to have a black women’s running group and the reasons why visibility and representation is necessary. We speak about some of the personal challenges they’ve had to face as runners who are women of colour and the work the girls are doing to overcome these challenges. 

Additionally, in the month that the Coronavirus truly began to wreak havoc on the entire planet and change life as we know it, we discuss with the girls the disappointment they had to endure following the cancellation of the Manchester Marathon 2020. How do you get over the disappointment of months and months of training and getting up to 23 miles, only for all of that hard work to be dashed? Find out the silver linings the girls are discovering through this process and how their togetherness, sisterhood and love for one another, through Black Girls Do Run UK helps to push each and every one of them on.

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