Oct. 31, 2020

Ep 18 - BHM 2020 - Has There EVER Been Another Like It?!

Ep 18 - BHM 2020 - Has There EVER Been Another Like It?!

With the coronavirus rampaging across the world, various protests against racial injustices with the Black Lives Matter movement, ecological and natural disasters and political unrest, so far 2020 has been the year that many want to forget. But one thing The Start Line Girls want to remember is the amazing content on screen and online which marked Black History Month 2020 in the UK.  This episode, we discuss the best of the TV shows we've seen and the podcasts we've listened to  as we ask, has there ever been another Black History Month like it?

We also celebrate The Start Line Podcast making it as a finalist in two categories in the 2020 Discover Pods Awards!  A huge thanks to every one who nominated us.  If you want to vote, please head to the Discover Pods website here - remember votes must be placed by 6th November 2020, so please get in there soon!

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