Nov. 29, 2020

Ep 19 - It's Black Friday! | Part 1

Ep 19 - It's Black Friday! | Part 1

Episode 19…and 20! Its Black Friday and Black Pound Day……!!

The Start Line Girls are claiming this year’s Black Friday event and celebrating Black Pound Day by bringing you something a little special! Its a Double Header Edition where we are celebrating not one, but two amazing Black couples and business partners who are doing their own thing! In these two episodes we are celebrating two of our key passions - eating and exercise! Made all the more special as the services are offered by these wonderful people of colour who are clearly loved by the communities they serve.

In Part 1, we speak to Mel and Trudy Nugent, owners of Rock Steady Rum Lounge Caribbean restaurant in Gypsy Hill and Blue Mountain Vegan in East Dulwich. Mel, who has been in the business in excess of 27 years, and his wife Trudy have created something really special in their restaurants: they bring their love, hearts and souls and they welcome their guests into that space. The food, service, atmosphere and welcome is second to none and they are just as wonderful as individuals and as a couple. We hear about their stories, challenges of starting and maintaining a business, difficulties throughout Covid and much, much more!

You can get more information about Rock Steady Rum Lounge and Blue Mountain Vegan by visiting their websites and socials - and

In Part 2, we speak to Ade Adeleke and Carmelita Goodwin, owners of Stones Gym in Thornton Heath…..hear their story in the next episode - and we'll share more about this incredible couple in the next show notes……..

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