May 12, 2019

Ep 2 - Ain't Got Time For Running

Ep 2 - Ain't Got Time For Running

So how do you make time for running when you… simply don’t have the time?  

With so many competing demands on our time - work, kids, relationships, commitments to family and friends… not to mention a healthy social media habit and an unbreakable appointment to watch Game of Thrones (or your current box set of choice!) - finding a moment to exercise can be a massive challenge.  In this episode, The Start Line Girls are joined by friend, neighbour and running buddy @thisistrojan (aka The Bearded Runner) to talk about his first forays into running; how a 31 day running challenge ended up with him running for 101 consecutive days; how this amazing journey culminated with him running his first marathon; and how even if you only have 10 minutes, you can turn this into more than enough time for running!

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