Jan. 12, 2021

Ep 21- Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021!

Ep 21- Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021!

Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021!

Wow! What a year!!!! Bushfires, Kobe, Covid, BLM, Trump overthrown, inequalities highlighted…...No one would have predicted the mess that was 2020. How much has life changed? How much heartbreak and challenge. But also how much opportunity and recognition of God’s beauty and life’s fragility. 2020 was a year unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

Throughout 2020 The Start Line Podcast was able to showcase some headline issues which otherwise may not have been aired. We also had the opportunity to sit on panels or guest on other podcast platforms to discuss those issues. The fact that we were able to do this and share these discussions with you keeps us humble and grateful.

So it’s a time of reflection for The Start Line Girls. In this episode we look back at our podcast episodes over 2020, as we highlight our favourite bits, comment on the events of the year and give thanks to you, our listeners, and to all those who participated in each of our episodes throughout 2020! 

We are hopeful for 2021 and pray it brings a better year for all of us! 

Our special guests:

Ep 12: TSL meets ERC (@emancipatedruncrew): Trojan Gordon (@thebeardedrunner)/Gerard Williams (@iamjackironwilliams )

Ep 13: TSL meets BGDRUK (@blackgirlsdorunuk): Natasha Thompson/Sacha Lumley/Linda Agyeman

Ep 14: One Year In... And We're In Lockdown!: Hamid Vaghefian (@mrhamidv)

Ep 15: TSL meets BRO - LET’S GROW!: Isa Olufemi (@blkrunorg)

BONUS: TSL In the Round - Breaking the Silence: The Case of Ahmaud Arbery: Trojan Gordon (@thebeardedrunner / @emancipatedruncrew)/Calvin Stovell (@re_cal_ibrating / @emancipatedruncrew)/Matilda Egere-Cooper (@flygirlcollective)/William Wesley Walker Jr (@waternoxygen / @atribecalledrun / @brunchnburn_)/Stephen Adajidoo (@ldnbrunchclub)/Peter Daining (@dainingpeter)/Ari Anisfield

Ep 16: What Happens When You Break The Silence? Natasha Thompson (@blackgirlsdorunuk)/Lara-Lee Green (@lara_lee_green)

Ep 17: It's All About The Race! Tes Sobomehin Marshall (@therace_uc)

Ep 19: Its Black Friday - Part 1: Mel and Trudy Nugent (@rocksteadyrumlounge)

Its Black Friday - Part 2: Ade Adeleke and Carmelita Goodwin (@stonesthegym)

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