June 9, 2019

Ep 4 - Bridges That We've Travelled

Ep 4 - Bridges That We've Travelled

What do you do when pounding the same streets becomes a little… boring…?  Well The Start Line Girls decided to combine running with one of their other passions… travel!

Let’s face it… running can sometimes get a little… stale.  Once you finally get into the running habit, you plot out your favourite routes and then press the run, eat, sleep, repeat button. You know your challenging routes.  You know your quick routes.  You know the route to do when you don’t really feel like running.  Then one day you get up to run and you realise that you’re not feeling particularly inspired… You’ve seen it and done it all before… and you’re wearing the running t-shirt as you do it!  Well, at least, that’s what happened to us... Until one day we realised that a great way to find inspiration in our runs was to challenge ourselves somewhere completely unfamiliar… so we decided to take our little running habit on the road… and on this podcast we take you with us on a little journey through our running travel adventures!

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