July 3, 2019

Ep 5 - But My Hair… (Yes, Black Girls DO Run!)

Ep 5 - But My Hair… (Yes, Black Girls DO Run!)

So you think black girls don’t run?  Think again!

There’s a common misconception that black girls don’t like running… maybe because we feel like we don’t have the physique for any kind of distance running… maybe because we don’t see ourselves when we’re looking at the increasing number of runners pounding the streets… maybe because we feel like we’re going to “sweat out” our hair from the exercise… The Start Line Girls invite special guest Matilda Egere-Cooper - founder of Fly Girl Collective - to talk about why she decided to start a movement to change this narrative, how she conquered the London Marathon as a brand ambassador for New Balance and how, by starting with a two week challenge, you can kick-start your running journey to healthier lifestyle!

To find out more about Fly Girl Collective, you can follow them on Instagram by searching for @flygirlcollective, or check out the website at flygirlcollective.co (yes - it really is just “.co”!).

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