Dec. 4, 2020

Ep 20 - It's Black Friday! | Part 2

Ep 20 - It's Black Friday! | Part 2

It's Part 2 of our specials celebrating black businesses to reclaim Black Friday and celebrate #BlackPoundDay in the UK which is the first Saturday of the month in the UK and for this episode we speak to our lovely neighbours Ade Adeleke and Carmelita Goodwin, owners and managers of Stones Gym in Thornton Heath, south London. This incredible couple of 32 years purchased a gym 14 years ago, as they had a vision to own their own business which would enable them to blend their skills and passion with a business which creates an safe, supportive and inclusive environment for their local community and members who frequent the gym.

Ade and Carmelita tell us about how they met (Hammersmith Palais was the spot back in the day wasn’t it??), what inspired them to buy the gym, the challenges and the joys of running their own business. We also hear about the difficulties during Covid-19 and their plans for 2021, as well as why Ade had to change his name to Michael...

The Start Line Girls (who hate going to gyms) absolutely loved speaking with this amazing couple and were certainly convinced about attending Stones Gym, just to get the experience of working out in a warm and nurturing environment (the ladies gym sounds wonderful). We look forward to getting round there!

You can follow Stones Gym on Instagram on @stonesthegym or check out their website:

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